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Around 1109: Expo Shops Part 1

What we do is a product of the community we're a part of. In June of this year, we were blessed to have found a home in Somewhere 1109, but even before that, we always have been inspired by the diversity of the shops in Cubao Expo . There are a lot of great stores that carry the best PH brands here. On this side of Manila, there's no competition, only community.

Medisina: Gamot sa Bad Style

BRANDS : Medisina Clothing, Barangay Tibay, WIP Caps +More

Store Hours: Mondays 1-7PM, Tuesday- Saturday 1-10PM, Closed on Sundays

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Hidden Space Co.

BRANDS Mellow Fellows, Hundo, Renegade 6, Complicit, Stroke Art Zine +More

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 3PM-10PM, Closed on Sundays

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Kendo Creative

BRANDS Lawud, Hello Children, Diyalogo +More

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 3PM-11PM, Closed on Sundays

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The Twelfth House 

Twelfth House originals

Store Hours: Monday-Sunday 3PM-11PM

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Just like you, we’re still waiting for their comeback.

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