COVID-19 ADVISORY: Somewhere 1109 is still closed until further notice as a precautionary measure for the health and safety of our store crew. Purchases and transactions are to be conducted via our official online channels. Please follow our social media accounts for updates.



Where is your store located?

Our store is located in Cubao Expo. If you haven’t been to Cubao X, you should! Aside from Somewhere 1109, there are a lot of stores that carry other brands. While you're there, we suggest that you also check out other independent stores in the area.

Why 'Somewhere 1109'?

We used to sell from the gutter to pop-up racks. When we started out, we would just put  the release date in our posters and indicate that the location is "somewhere in Cubao". When we finally got our own place, we thought it's best to pay homage to that. In the future, we aspire to put up a couple other of Somewhere stores with the location’s zip code on it.



When’s the re-stock?

Unless a collection is about reprints, restocks aren't really our thing. If it’s gone-it’s gone.

Do you guys ship?

Yes we do! As of the moment, we ship orders anywhere in the Philippines. All of our commerce transactions outside our physical store are processed through our site and the official @somewhere_1109 Instagram account. That way, it’s easier for us to track your orders.

How long will it take for my order to get shipped?

We ship out the items every store day, which is Tuesday thru Saturday. We ship the items via LBC. Please allow us 2-3 days to process your orders and another 1-2 days for the courier to deliver your items.

How much are your shipping fees?

We offer a flat rate of 200 PhP for shipping nationwide. This is to encourage people nearby to check out our store. We’d also like to encourage you to shop with your friends! That way, you split the shipping costs plus you get to share the excitement with your buddies. 

If you’re from QC or just anywhere nearby, man, just come visit Somewhere, grab some items made by a bunch of nobodies, and hang out with us! 

What modes of payment do you guys accept?

For now, we only mess with bank deposits and PayPal Checkouts. Yes! You can use your credit cards. Please use them wisely.



I have a clothing brand also. Are you guys open to consignments?

Our roster of brands is already full for the year. We’ve launched the first wave of our consignees and we will be announcing another wave soon. But, of course, we still want to know you and your brand. Drop by and let's hang out Somewhere! We might line you up for future events.

Collabs? What say you?

We’re definitely open to it. Similar to how we do consignments, we’d like to hang out with you before we work on anything. We treat collaborations as a long-term thing. Right now, we work with people and brands that we're already friends with because -- let's admit it -- it's fun and a joy to work on projects with your friends! Guess what? Those friends we’ve done collabs with in the past? We're still planning to do more work with them in the future!

Can I be in your lookbook?

Let's talk about it. Choosing the faces for our photos is also like our collaborations, consignments, and almost everything that we do. Yup, you guessed it! We really love working with friends and the people we hang out with. We love the idea that even our lookbooks are made by a bunch of nobodies. We also try to maintain that the people we ask to carry our products best represents the stuff we're putting out there.